We apply single cell transcriptomics analysis in mouse, hydra, chick and zebrafish with an aim to discover the major principles of tissue heterogeneity, stem cell regulation, evolution of novel cell types and transitions between gene regulatory networks.
We attempt to answer rather fundamental questions about how an individual cell processes information during multiple fate choice, how gene regulatory networks compete, assemble and dissipate within individual cells of the neural crest and glial lineages.
With the help of single cell transcriptomics approach we work on embryonic and adult peripheral glial heterogeneity. Our projects are focused around multipotency of Schwann cell precursors and their differentiation trajectories.
Using single cell transcriptomics analysis we want to understand the complexity of the tooth in terms of cellular composition, self-renewal and shape maintenance, to elucidate the mechanisms used for receiving and processing signals coming from outer environment with emphasis on odontoblasts as primary sensory cells.