Igor Adameyko
Igor Adameyko, PhD

Research Group Leader (PI)

Currently my work is concentrated on different aspects of stem cell biology. I am generally interested in understanding the principles of animal design. To be more detailed, I try to focus on cellular aspects of development and evolution, elaboration of novelties in cellular lineages, issues of biological individuality and competition of cells inside of the multicellular organisms.

Karolinska Institutet

MedUni Vienna

Tatiana Chontorotzea
Tatiana Chontorotzea, PhD

Research Assistant Bioinformatics

Tatiana is an expert in bioinformatics. Her expertise in single cell transcriptomics analysis is crucial for our laboratory. Her work is dedicated to the discovery of major principles of tissue heterogeneity, stem cell regulation, evolution of novel cell types and transitions between gene regulatory networks.

Alek Erickson, PhD


Alek studies how functional architecture is generated during development, and is now investigating how the vertebrate head integrates morphogenesis of distinct lineages such as the nervous and skeletal organs. He is curious how groups of cells process information of various modalities across length and time scales to achieve what resembles spatiotemporal awareness, memory, and purposeful behavior. He is also concerned with a strong connection between basic science and the humanities.

Polina Kameneva, PhD


Polina has an expertise in analysis of lipids and lipid-like molecules using high resolution chromatograpy mass-spectrometry. She is excited to study in the role of lipids in the development of peripheral nervous system and the formation of myelin. Currently she is getting more experience in using mouse models, single cell transcriptomic data and immunohistochemistry in the project devoted to the development of neuroendocrine organs.

Maria Eleni Kastriti, PhD


Maria Eleni primarily works on embryonic and adult peripheral glial heterogeneity with the help of single cell transcriptomics approach. Her projects are focused around multipotency of Schwann cell precursors and their differentiation trajectories.

Marketa Kaucka, PhD


Marketa attempts to explain cell dynamics and its regulation during the induction and shaping of cartilage in the head. She is looking into formation of the mammalian face and, on the other hand, she investigates how inherited features make us unique and different from each other.

Jan Krivanek, PhD


Tooth is a very convenient organ to study how heterogeneity of the tissue is connected with shaping and growth-related aspects. Jan uses single cell transcriptomics to understand the complexity of the tooth in terms of cellular composition. He is elucidating the mechanisms that are used for receiving and processing signals coming from the environment with the emphasis on odontoblasts as primary sensory cells.

Julian Petersen, PhD


Julian is working of heterogeneity and hierarchy of progenitor cell types in facial development with the help of single cell transcriptomics. He also looks into the neural crest development and fate choice issues.

Kazunori Sunadome, PhD


Kazunori is an expert in muscle biology. He works on formation of the cartilage-tendon-muscle interface. Kazunori works a lot with zebrafish model system, he creates new transgenic strains and performs sophisticated experiments involving live imaging, genetic tracing and various ablations of cell types during early development.

Bára Szarowská


Bara is an expert in gene expression analysis and she mainly works on multiplexing various gene expression validation techniques such as FISH and others.

Meng Xie, Phd


Meng investigates shape development in biological systems, primarily of skeletal and dental elements in the vertebrate body. He is currently focusing on the process of joint formation in mouse, zebrafish and salamander.

Kaj Fried, PhD, Professor

Honored Associated Member

Kaj Fried has a long-standing experience from studies of the development and trigeminal innervation of teeth. Over the years Kaj investigated an array of various dental nerve-target interactions, with focus on developmental processes. Special emphasis has been given to the neural molecular factors at early stages of tooth organogenesis.

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Viacheslav Dyachuk, PhD

Assistant Professor (PI)

Viacheslav is our key collaborator and young group leader at the Department of Neuroscience. His team mainly works on parasympathetic nervous system development.

Jozef Kaiser, PhD


Prof. Jozef Kaiser (CEITEC, Brno, Czech Republic) is a world-leading expert in tomography and 3D-reconstructions. We collaborate on the projects related to facial development, shaping and cartilage growth.

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Peter Kharchenko, PhD

Assistant Professor (PI)

Peter is a recognized expert in single cell transcriptomics, other newly emerging NGS methods, highly sophisticated bioinformatics. Peter is an acknowledged developer of new mathematical and programming tools for the gene expression analysis. Peter and his laboratory members at Harvard are our main partners on single cell transcriptomics part.

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Natalia Akkuratova

Visiting Researcher

Natalia is a visiting PhD student. She came to us to learn how to work with transgenic mice and chick embryos. Natalia elegantly performs chick neural tube electroporation to study different aspects of ATPase subunit isoforms.

Viacheslav Dyachuk, PhD


Nele Herdina, PhD


Evgeny Ivashkin, PhD


Nina Kaukua, PhD

PhD Student

Daria Kuznetsova

Visiting - PhD Student

Rugile Matuleviciute


Joanna Pascual


Maryam Khatibi Shahidi, PhD

PhD Student